Anna Mills

Anna Mills

Anna offers counselling, psychotherapy and psychological services for individuals, families and children.

Anna has worked as a Registered Psychologist for more than 12 years, in private practice, in the community with the Division of General Practice, in both male and female prison settings, and in non-government family services providing clinical supervision.

Anna is a registered Counselling Psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society. She is an accredited Gestalt therapist.

Anna offers services in the following areas:

  • Trauma and Complex Trauma, including childhood trauma and abuse;
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Grief and Loss;
  • Self-harm and Suicide, as well as family and friends affected;
  • Families and Children affected by Mental Illness;
  • Parenting through Developmental Stages;Parent and Adolescent Conflict
  • School issues/Bullying
  • Child Psychology;
  • Workplace Stress
  • Relationship Stress, including same sex relationships;
  • Body Image and Self Esteem
  • Personal Development;
  • Professional Supervision;

About half of Anna’s clients are men.

Anna believes that a strong working relationship between the client and the psychologists leads to the best therapy outcomes. This relationship is built on trust and the client being comfortable in talking about what worries them. Anna offers empathy and non-judgemental understanding with a deep respect for personal meaning of experiences that differ for each person.

Anna supports clients to increase awareness of themselves, their relationships with others and how stress, anxiety and relationship difficulties might come about. Sometimes a client may choose to explore this more fully, while at other times a client may seek to find solutions.

Anna uses a transparent style of counselling. This encourages clients to actively engage in deciding the direction of the work through enquiry and discussion. She works collaboratively with clients to ensure the counselling goals are mutually understood, and re-assessed over time. Anna uses range of evidence-based techniques in the counselling process to work towards these goals.

Anna draws on Gestalt therapy, interpersonal process, mindfulness, and a strengths based focus. She works with the understanding that our psychological, physical and spiritual selves are all connected, and that clients can build on pre-existing skills and knowledge to make positive change in themselves and their relationships.

Anna’s practice draws strength from her extensive experience working with complex trauma, PTSD, self harm and suicide, substance misuse due to trauma or stress, relationship breakdown, family stress, offending behaviour, grief and loss, and mental illness as it affects individuals and those close to them.

Anna has written articles on the following topics:

For men considering counselling you may like to have a look at the Man Therapy website at:

Medicare and private health fund rebates may apply.

Professional Memberships

Registered with the Psychology Board of Australia
Australian Association of Psychologists (Full Member)

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