Family Mediation Services

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where a trained, impartial and independent person can assist you when you are in conflict, to identify your concerns, assess the options available to you and to negotiate an agreement to resolve your dispute.

A mediator can facilitate communication and promote understanding between those in conflict. Mediation is a less stressful way of resolving a dispute than going through a court process where you have less control over the outcome.

Mediation can assist families who are thinking about separation, are in the process of separation or have already separated. Mediation can support you to make informed and sound decisions to protect the well being of you and your family members.

Qualified mediators can also assist in conflicts and disputes that arise in families, business partnerships and with workplace issues.

What is Family Dispute Resolution?

Family Dispute Resolution is a specialist mediation process involving you and your former partner meeting with a Family Dispute Resolution practitioner to sort out your family law issues. These issues may include conflicts over child care, child support, financial arrangements and property settlement. Family Dispute Resolution can help separating or separated couples to reach an agreement without having to go to court.

The Family Dispute Resolution practitioner will help you:

  • identify the issues which need to be resolved
  • support you to communicate and listen to each other’s point of view without interruption
  • share the relevant information for both parties
  • explore ideas and options
  • test possible solutions
  • put decisions and agreements in writing

Family Dispute Resolution practitioners may give advice regarding children and parenting matters, focusing on the best interests of the child but they will not give legal advice.

The law requires separating families who are in dispute about their children to make a concerted and genuine effort to resolve their conflicts through Family Dispute Resolution. Families must participate in this process before they can make an application to the court for a parenting order.

It is therefore wise to get independent legal advice with a Family Lawyer before participating in Family Dispute Resolution, and before signing any written agreements. An initial appointment with a Family Lawyer will inform you so that you enter the Family Dispute Resolution process armed with the right advice to establish the best outcome for you, your children and your future.

To ensure the very best outcomes, our mediators work collaboratively with our counsellors and our lawyers to ensure you receive a holistic service that is tailored to your individual needs.

The support of a counsellor at a time of conflict can be of great benefit whether you are experiencing the difficult and emotional experience of family separation, workplace conflict or the breakdown of a business partnership.

Taking Family Law advice early in the process of separation can reduce the financial impact of separation, the likelihood of litigation, and secure the financial and emotional well being and future of your family.

Our Mediation specialists and Family Lawyers offer Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution services and Family Law advice from Cottesloe and West Perth.

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