Family Violence Counselling

What is Family Violence?

The Family Court recognises that there is a close link between family breakdown and violence and that there is a detrimental impact on adults and children living with family violence.

Family and Domestic Violence can be experienced by people of all classes, religions, ethnicity, ages, abilities and sexual preference. All who are impacted by family violence are entitled to services provided in a fair and equitable manner. If you are experiencing family violence, the most important thing you can do is to get help.

Restraining Orders in Perth Western Australia

You can apply for a restraining order to be taken out against someone who is violent toward you, has threatened you or your property, or has abused, intimidated, harassed or stalked you. This may include technology-facilitated stalking and abuse such as threats by phone, email or social media.

There are three types of restraining orders, a Violence Restraining Order (VRO), a Misconduct Restraining Order (MRO), and a Police Order (PO).

A Violence Restraining Order can be obtained when you fear an act of abuse you have suffered is likely to recur or if you are fearful that an act of abuse will be committed.

A Misconduct Restraining Order can be issued when someone is behaving in an intimidating or offensive manner which could lead to a breach of the peace or damage to property. This type of order only applied to people who are not in a domestic relationship.

A Police Order can be made by the police if they hold concerns for the safety and welfare of any person but where there is insufficient evidence to arrest and charge the person concerned.

The Police Order can provide temporary but instant protection if you are being threatened, harassed or intimidated.

Where To Get Help

At Cottesloe Counselling Centre, we have trained counsellors, psychologists, mediators, and family lawyers who can provide the support and information that you need at this most difficult time.

Our counsellors and psychologists can provide you with the personal support that you need. Our family lawyers can advise you of you rights and entitlements, explain the court process and the steps required to get a restraining order, and provide the legal support you require.

Contact Our Clinic

Our Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Psychologists can assist you with your concerns. Please email enquiries@cottesloecounselling.com.au or phone (08) 9278 6578 to arrange an appointment.

For more information you can visit Diana Lalor's profile. You can contact Diana Lalor at [email protected] or phone (08) 9278 6578.

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