About Us

Our Centre was established in 1997 and is one of the longest standing and most highly regarded counselling and psychology Centres in Perth.


I'm Diana Lalor, a Psychologist, Counsellor and Gestalt Psychotherapist with over 30 years of experience. I am the founder of and Principal Psychologist at Cottesloe Counselling Centre, located in the heart of Cottesloe.

I have created a beautiful, calm and private space that has always been appreciated by our clients. A space that reflects the beauty of Cottesloe and is welcoming to people from all over the Perth Community.

From it's inception in 1997, Cottesloe Counselling Centre has provided a highly skilled team of Clinical Psychologists, Psychologists, Counsellors, and Psychotherapists.

We continue to provide a personalised and professional service to everyone and we welcome you to our Centre.

  • Our Aim

    Our aim at Cottesloe Counselling Centre is to promote the emotional health and well-being of our clients, their families and communities.

  • Experts in their field

    We take time and care in selecting our Psychologists and Counsellors who are specialists in their chosen fields of psychology, counselling and psychotherapy

  • Personalised Service

    When you contact us, we will link you to the most appropriate practitioner who specialises in your areas of concern.

  • Local help

    Cottesloe Counselling Centre provides professional, confidential and highly skilled counselling and psychology services to the Western Australian community.


Diana Lalor Principal Psychologist and founder of Cottesloe Counselling Centre