‘Supporting families to raise happy, healthy children and adolescents.’

Young children learn the skills for sustaining life-long mental health and wellbeing through positive and responsive relationships with the significant people in their lives; parents and caregivers, extended family, school and social environments and peer groups.

We all want our children to be happy, to be able to form close, secure and satisfying relationships, and to have the capacity to explore and discover the environment and the world around them.

About our Clinic

Cottesloe Counselling Centre Child and Adolescent Psychology Clinic provides assessment and treatment of behavioural, social, emotional, and learning problems in children, adolescents and their families.

The Centre provides a comprehensive range of mental health and early identification and intervention services, focussing on growth and development in the early years and promoting wellbeing during childhood and adolescence.

Cottesloe Counselling Centre Child and Adolescent Psychology Clinic aims to support children, adolescents and families to reach their maximum potential. The Centre uses evidence-based interventions, recommended therapeutic methods and accurate psychometric tools to achieve the best results for children and their families.

Our clinical team can assist with a wide range of issues:

Children and Adolescents

  • Learning difficulties/delays in development
  • ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Sleeping difficulties, bedwetting, soiling
  • Difficulties with social situations
  • Eating Difficulties, Eating Disorders and Body Image
  • Bullying – school based and online
  • Anxiety and fears
  • Obsessive/Compulsive Behaviours
  • Depression, Self Harming, Suicidal Ideation
  • Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Sexual Identity in Adolescence
  • Grief, loss, trauma

Parents and Families

  • Family separation
  • Mediation and Family Court Dispute Resolution
  • Blended families and adjusting to change
  • Child/parent or family conflict
  • Managing difficult behaviour and special needs
  • Family loss or trauma
  • Family violence or substance misuse

Cottesloe Counselling Centre Child and Adolescent Psychology Clinic welcomes enquiries and referrals from parents, families and young people.

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