Improving the personal development, effectiveness, and contribution of leaders and senior executives

Is your business interested in assisting high potential employees and senior executives in their career transitions – planning the transition to leadership, returning from maternity leave, or changing direction.

Does your organisation want to invest in leaders and add value to your business through:

  • Improving their confidence, leadership skills, stakeholder communications and management of workplace issues
  • Broadening their professional networks
  • Developing strategic ways to engage and manage talent
  • Promoting a culture of mentoring which can improve communication, retain talent and assist succession planning in your organisation

Mentoring is now recognised as an important and cost effective tool in developing a positive and productive work place. It is often one of the key components of an effective leadership program. Mentoring provides the opportunity for leaders and senior executives to work one on one with an experienced mentor.

The workplace is becoming more complex and the demands on both employees and employers are changing rapidly. Effective leadership and the development of leaders does not happen in a vacuum or without a strategic commitment by the organisation to invest in leadership.

Most employers are looking for initiatives that result in a resilient work force, that increases productivity and improves the capacity of individuals to think creatively, problem solve diverse challenges as well as retain high performing staff.

Mentoring provides a proactive opportunity for an individual to work confidentially with an experienced role model who is able to listen, provide guidance and help build self confidence for an employee in their career. Both individuals and organisations can benefit from mentoring of employees.

Many employers are now recognising the positive impact an investment in mentoring and a mentoring program can make to their organisation.

Mentoring can lead to increased satisfaction of key staff in the workplace, a positive work environment, increased confidence levels for staff, creativity and productivity of staff in undertaking the tasks required, as well as promoting and maintaining quality staff.

While some organisations are seeking to establish a mentoring program with internal mentors there are considerable benefits to be gained from external mentors. Employees report that an external and impartial mentor outside of the workplace who can provide a trusting confidential relationship can be very effective in maximising the benefits of a mentor.

Are you an organisation that wants to provide mentoring opportunities to your staff?

There are many benefits organisations have identified that come from providing staff with mentoring. As an organisation:

  • Do you want to nurture leaders?
  • Do you want staff to tackle challenges creatively?
  • Do you want to retain capable staff?
  • Do you want your staff to feel valued?
  • Do you want staff to advance within the organisation and with the skills required?
  • Do you want to plan for succession of your managers and senior staff?
  • Are you looking for a cost effective way of developing confident and capable leaders for your organisation?

If you are looking for an experienced mentor who can offer guidance and support to build confidence, enhance leadership skills and performance, improve communication with key stakeholders and expand networks and would like to know more about mentoring for your organisation contact Michelle.

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