Family Therapist
Counsellor, Child and Adult
Specialist Gender Counsellor

Bronwyn has 25 years of experience as an educator of children both in mainstream education and within the Steiner pedagogy.

As a dedicated counsellor of children, parents and families, Bronwyn has given guidance specifically in the challenges of school life and how this can impact family and other relationships.

Bronwyn also lectures in the sphere of adult education and provides mentoring for new educators that are entering the teaching profession.

As a Gender Counsellor Bronwyn can provide support to students and families by visiting schools and liaising with official bodies.

In adults with Gender concerns Bronwyn can offer counselling personal/family and recommend/liaise with Medical Practitioners where appropriate.

  • Gender identity
  • Gender anxiety
  • Transgender issues
  • Family and parenting issues
  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • School-based problems and bullying
  • Concerns about parenting
  • Mindfulness and meditation practice for parents and children
  • Relationship breakdown and how to support children
  • Insomnia in children
  • The importance of play for children
  • Child and teacher relationships
  • Childhood stress/ relationship stress

Bronwyn is passionate about children and families and believes that all children have the right to opportunities that will allow them to develop into their unique selves. Such development, she believes, should take place on a holistic level that encompasses mind, body and soul.

The main focus of Bronwyn’s work is to help children and adults develop ways of communicating, sharing, listening and unconditionally loving, in order for them to have the skills needed to enhance the life of the individual, the family, the extended family and the community.

When needed, Bronwyn can further provide restorative justice practices and mediation between individuals/family members , in a school or higher education setting. She is experienced in creating strategies to support students in their relationship both with teachers and the wider school community.

Bronwyn has personal experience with all the above areas of life. She is mindful that her counseling sessions need to provide a warm, compassionate and respectful space where individuals of all ages have the opportunity to share and overcome life’s challenges.

Bronwyn has written the following article:
A Mother’s Journey – Is My Child Transgender?

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