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  • Psychotherapy

I have practised as a clinical psychologist for thirty five years.

In addition to my university training in clinical psychology, I am a Certified Hakomi Therapist (USA) and an Accredited Gestalt Therapist (WA).

Psychotherapy is a journey of self discovery, and allowing your real self to unfold in an organic way. 

There are critical times in our lives when we get stuck. We reach an impasse. This might be in a relationship, or our career. It may be a consequence of our upbringing, or past experiences which have left a mark. 

At this point we often experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems. These symptoms can be a signal that we are bumping up against a way of living which no longer works for us. This may be due to deeply held beliefs, or neural patterns which limit us – which we are hardly aware of.

My preference is to work with the Hakomi method, which is based on mindfulness and somatic awareness. These can be tools for exploring  parts of ourselves which are just out of reach of our conscious minds. This is different from intellectual problem-solving, or just having a conversation with your therapist and recycling familiar thoughts.

The concept of “the wisdom of the body” is relevant here. It is not some fluffy new age notion. It rests on modern neuropsychology, and it means bypassing the tangle of limiting neural patterns and opening the door to our true self.

Medicare rebates apply if you have a Mental Health Care Plan from either a GP or a psychiatrist. 

Private health fund rebates also apply, and do not require a referral.

Professional Memberships

Registered with APHRA
Australian Psychological Society (Full Member)
College of Clinical Psychologists (Full Member) – Australian Psychological Society

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