Trent Falkner

Trent Falkner

Specialist areas:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Couples and family counselling
  • Positive psychology
  • Psychotherapy
  • Enhancing personal creativity
  • Rehabilitation following injuries or accidents
  • Trauma

I have practised as a clinical psychologist for over twenty five years.

My initial training was in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). This is a style of therapy which stresses a practical, common-sense approach, and is based on strict scientific evaluation. For this reason it is often referred to as an “evidence-based practice”. CBT can be extremely useful for many common psychological problems.

I have trained in Gestalt Therapy, both in Australia and overseas. I regard this style of therapy as extremely useful in enhancing communication between people, and clarifying relationships. It relies on sharpening personal awareness, and bringing this into the arena of one’s personal relationships. After all, most of our difficulties (and pleasures) stem from our relationships with other people.

I have trained in Positive Psychology, which is a branch of psychology aimed at maximizing one’s personal strengths in the pursuit of happiness and health. It focusses on the cultivation of positive traits, such as optimism and resilience. It also aims at using one’s personal strengths to cultivate healthier communities and social institutions.

I am interested in the relationship between physical health and mental health, and how one can promote the other. I have a personal interest in physical disciplines such as yoga and Tai Chi, and I see a great deal of usefulness in these disciplines. There are many applications relevant to clinical practice and personal growth, the most obvious being stress management and relaxation.

In working therapeutically I aim to bring a fresh perspective to what is problematic or what is simply not working in one’s life. Secondly, to promote a deeper understanding of who we are, and how we can enjoy our lives to the maximum.

Trent has written an article on Couples and Intimacy that is available on this website.

Medicare rebates apply if you have a referral from either a GP or a psychiatrist. Private health fund rebates also apply, and do not require a referral.

Professional Memberships

Registered with the Psychology Board of Australia
Australian Psychological Society (Full Member)
College of Clinical Psychologists (Full Member) – Australian Psychological Society

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